Invitation Letter

Dear Participants of the Food Safety Congress,

We already started our intensive work program for the 6th Food Safety Congress which will be held between the dates 3-4 May 2018. This time at a different location, with a different organization agency and with some different contents.

We are growing day by day with the support of 9 partners and 19 supporting institutions including the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and also International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) who is supporting us since our first congress.

The Food Safety Congress which is the only congress in our country and region that is solely based on food safety, strengthens its mission by bringing all partners and supporter institutions in regards to food safety together with all related stakeholders and professions.

Keeping in mind the fact that, food safety has a strategic importance on the protection of consumer, on the development of the agro-food sector and on the regional economy; sector representatives, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, universities, professional organizations and non-governmental organizations will come together to share their knowledge and experiences at the Congress with foreign and/or national experts. One of the main objectives of this Congress is to discuss all food safety related issues and find a mutual platform to transform all this information into good practices.

During the 6th Food Safety Congress we are programming different sessions, including good practices in the sector, new trend topics, opportunities, new emerging risks, and new food technologies from our country and abroad that will   broaden our vision.

We will be very glad to welcome you in our congress which is the meeting point for Food Safety in the region.

Hope to meet you at Grand Cevahir Hotel Convention Center on 3-4 May 2018.

Best Regards,

6. Food Safety Congress